The Monivae College Cadet Unit has been an integral part of the college life since Fr. Tony Prentice, MSC, established the unit back in 1963. Fr Prentice was also principal of the college from 1963 – 1968.

The purpose of cadets is to introduce students to a wide range of activities and skills that will assist in their development through:

  1. ongoing and regular participation in a continuum of activities and experiences.
  2. set in a military-style hierarchical structure and environment (including uniforms, titles, ranks, customs and traditions)
  3. building their skills such as by providing graduated leadership opportunities

All-Cadet (Yr 8-12) parade afternoons are scheduled once during a timetabled cycle. On these days the senior cadets will lead the Year 8 cadets in learning a wide range of skill and activities in a military style environment. Although cadets is run in this environment where aspects such as dress, drill and discipline are important, cadets will also be offered a variety of outdoor activities such as kayaking, camping, archery, obstacle course, abseiling, rock-climbing, hiking, self-defence, clay target shooting and orienteering.

Senior cadets are offered a second parade day each cycle, where they will be further challenged in skills already developed as well as planning for the All-cadet parade afternoons and building their cadet and leadership skills.

To enhance the cadet program, along with the timetabled Parade afternoons, there are full Cadet days allocated to allow cadets to gain practical experience out in the field. During the year, Year 8 cadets attend a bivouac (overnight camp) where they gain skills for the annual camp. The Annual camp is held in May and provided all cadets the opportunity to camp in the bush and further develop their field skills.

A Ceremonial Parade is held towards the end of the year, this is where the senior students leaving the unit hand over the leadership to the upcoming senior cadets.

Cadet training, equipment, and camps etc is provided by the College with the support of the Australian Army with personnel, equipment and financially. However, cadets are expected to replace any item of their uniform or equipment that they may lose.