new Metrics
for Success

Monivae College has partnered with The University of Melbourne in a collaborative research project to address the problems faced by Australian students now and into the future. New Metrics for Success connects Monivae College with academic and international experts to reimagine the future of schooling, moving away from the traditional ‘grammar of education’ which has persisted since the 20th century.

Monivae College recognises that our students are more than just a study score. For many of our students, the ATAR is the current measure of success. Yet a great number of our students achieve success elsewhere, through vocational courses, employment outside of school, and the great work they do in their communities.

We believe that these successes are just as valid as the ATAR, and we are working with the tertiary sector and industry to explore new ways of guaranteeing our students the pathway they choose when they finish their schooling at Monivae College.

The New Metrics partnership provides the opportunity to:

• work with progressive school leaders who have moved away from the traditional ‘grammar of schooling’
• generate new and validated assessment tools
• influence the development of new educational policy
• garner the necessary support to facilitate real change in schools
• connect with national and international networks of like-minded schools

The New Metrics for Success project will inform our strategic planning and the ongoing development of our curriculum.

For more information on the project, visit the New Metrics website